Fee Schedule
Flat Rate
Half Day Mediation: $6,000, time spent after 4 hours is billed at $850 per hour.
Full Day: $8,500
Class Action Mediations: $9,500

The flat rate includes all advance preparation time, including individual pre-mediation telephone calls with each attorney. Additionally, full day mediations include unlimited hours of actual mediation time, and up to one additional hour of mediator follow-up if the case does not settle. If additional follow-up time is requested, such time will be charged at an hourly rate of $850 per hour. Travel-related fees may be charged for mediations occurring outside the greater Los Angeles area. Half day mediations include the same pre-mediation preparation and follow-up consultations, and include up to four hours of actual mediation time. Given availability, additional mediation time will be charged at an hourly rate of $850 per hour.

Full payment of the mediation fee must be received prior to the mediation date.

Cancellation Policy
All mediation fees will be refunded if the engagement is canceled at least 14 days prior to the scheduled mediation date. In the event the mediation is canceled on less than 14 days notice, the mediation fee will nevertheless be refunded if another matter can be scheduled for the reserved date.